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Disaster Recovery Plan

The Disaster Recovery Plan is designed to ensure the continuation of vital business processes in the event that a disaster occurs.

The Disaster Recovery Plan will provide an effective solution that can be used to recover all vital business processes within the required time frame using vital records that are stored off-site.

The Disaster Recovery Plan is just one of several plans that will provide procedures to handle emergency situations. These plans can be utilized individually but are designed to support one another. The first plan is the Crisis Management Plan. This plan allows the ability to handle high-level coordination activities surrounding any crisis situation. We will also discuss the development, maintenance and testing of the Disaster Recovery Plan.

Finally, we will discuss the culture and employee education on Disaster Recovery.

The term “disaster” is relative because disasters can occur in varying degrees. So, this Plan has considered this issue and incorporates management procedures as well as technical procedures to insure provable recovery capability.

The next key issue to be strongly considered within the strategy for disaster recovery is a recovery strategy for alternate processing (Hot-Site). This plan identifies discusses the Hot-Site and the alternatives if the primary location is not available to provide Disaster Recovery services for the various system environments.

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