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Collaborative Platform

Collaboration platforms offer a set of software components and software services that enable individuals to find each other and the information they need and to be able to communicate and work together to achieve common business goals.

The core elements of a collaboration platform are messaging (email, calendaring and scheduling, and contacts), team collaboration (file synchronization, ideas and notes in a wiki, task management, full-text search), and real-time collaboration and communication (e.g., presence, instant messaging, Web conferencing, application / desktop sharing, voice, audio and video conferencing), and Social Computing tools (e.g., blog, wiki, tagging, RSS, shared bookmarks).

We offer wide ranges of collaboration solution

Enterprise class, for business purposes (B2B): meaning high usage volume, many simultaneous sessions, with large groups. Also implies high storage requirements for many files, large files or large file types such as video, simultaneous use of several tools and availability of high bandwidth; possibly relatively sophisticated users or a savvy moderator.

Small to medium sized businesses (SMB), (B2B): lower volume of usage, fewer simultaneous sessions and fewer attendees per session.

Consumers: who can be small businesses, social groups or individuals, for business or non-business use.

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