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Business Continuity Plan

Business continuity planning (BCP) is “planning which identifies the organization's exposure to internal and external threats and synthesizes hard and soft assets to provide effective prevention and recovery for the organization, whilst maintaining competitive advantage and value system integrity”.

Having a BCP also enhances an organization's image with employees, shareholders and customers by demonstrating a proactive attitude. Additional benefits include improvement in overall organizational efficiency and identifying the relationship of assets and human and financial resources to critical services and deliverables.

As the infrastructure and application services are key drivers of the business today, to maintain the continuity of infrastructure and application services to face the rapidly changing business environment is a crucial topic.

We help our customers to develop the effective, efficient, practical and realistic plan and process to ensure the business operation is continued while the business is facing different emergencies.

Why is business continuity planning important

Every organization is at risk from potential disasters that include:

  • Natural disasters such as tornadoes, floods, blizzards, earthquakes and fire
  • Accidents
  • Sabotage
  • Power and energy disruptions
  • Communications, transportation, safety and service sector failure
  • Environmental disasters such as pollution and hazardous materials spills
  • Cyber attacks and hacker activity

Creating and maintaining a BCP helps ensure that an institution has the resources and information needed to deal with these emergencies.

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