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Facility : Ambient Conditions

The surrounding conditions are security related within the building and the data room, such as the air conditioning, the fire-, lightning-, smoke- and water detection systems.

The room has a grounding system with a copper compound per footprint of 50mm2 is maintained at 21 ° C (+ / 4° C) and a humidity of 50% (+ / 10%).

  • Type of construction: outstanding building
  • Loading bay and space for temporary storage of material
  • 24/7/365 on-site security guard Securitas (Group 4)
  • Closed Circuit surveillance (CCTV) on the interior and exterior of the building.
  • Keycard for access to building and data room EG Top Professionals
  • Access policy

The data room has a surface of 110m2 in which a tailor-made infrastructure has been installed. This High-Availability (99,999%) and High-Density infrastructure was built in association with Minkels NV :

- 80cm plus
- Anti-static floor

- Power cables under the raised floor
- Data cables, copper and fiber optics, through fiber ducts mounted on to the ceiling

Cold-corridor system
- Built on raised floor
- 90% perforated tiles in cold-corridors
- Roof panels
- Transparent
- Safety glass
- Sliding doors, self-closing, on both sides of the corridor

- Extra large racks 2,20m x 0,8m x 1,2m (H x W x D)
- Electronic locks & automated intrusion detection
- Unique code for access to the rack
- Central management of keycards and codes
- Registration of the siphon status: door and closing contact for intrusion detection
- Logging of all events such as (non-) successful attempts to enter the rack

Remote management and remote access