People Ready Solutions


EG Top Professionals is established in 2002 by a group of people who are passionated about IT. As a dynamic Business Solution Provider, EG Top Professionals and its staff are focusing on offering People Ready Solutions. We ensure the customer’s IT infrastructure is a business enabler, not a cost center for the organization.

By building the solid infrastructure as the foundation, we can also help out customers to implement complex business processes and solutions to enable their business.
EG Top Professionals' activities focus on the automation and optimization of business processes, network security, and the associated software and hardware infrastructure. Quality and customer focus are crucial to us. Our consulting and services cover Advanced Network Architect Design, Infrastructure Optimization, Business Productivity Infrastructure Optimization, IT Finance Budgeting, Project Management, Basic/Advanced Network Infrastructure, Storage Solutions, Managed Security, Disaster Recovery Plan, Virtualization, and Critical Application Hosting.

Our consulting and technical services are also delivered to major financial institutions and the governmental federations via major service provider and venders.

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